Gnumeric 1.9.14 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.9.14. This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.7.14.

This release fixes a sprinkling of bugs, see below.

Attention packagers: goffice no longer depends on libgnome, libgnomeui, libglade, and gnome-vfs. (To get the full benefit of this, make sure libgsf is not compiled to require gnome-vfs and bonobo.)

Attention packagers: please do not ship goffice with equation enabled.

  • Albert Gräf
    • Add button sheet object.
    • Add radiobutton sheet object. [Bug 595670].
  • Andreas
    • Add more ODF elements on ODF read. [Bug 595750].
    • Fix 2-factor ANOVA with replication.
    • Fix diagonal borders in ODF export/import.
    • For freezing of panes consider edit cell A1 special. [Bug 594875].
    • Don't convert blank cells to 0 in LINEST. [Bug 551234].
    • Fix histogram tool.
  • Jean
    • Make plugins GUI labels translatable. [Bug 159806].
    • Fix more canvas issues.
    • Enable image filling in shapes.
  • Morten
    • Fix inter-process pasting of merged regions.
    • Make inter-process pasting use the sax parser.
    • Make auto-format templates use the sax parser.
    • Fix loading of diagonal border styles.
    • Improve consistency when moving toolbars around.
    • Fix translation problem with toolbar menu. [Bug 587250].
    • Fix printing of coloured sheet objects.
    • Fix printing of lines and arrows.
    • Fix sheet object/clipboard related critical on exit. [Bug 596509].
    • Fix Excel-crashing export problem with objects. [Bug 596886].
    • Add name property to sheet objects.
    • Start cleaning up xls sheet object writing.
    • Plug xls export leaks.
    • Implement export of lines and arrows to xls. [Part of Bug 597035].
    • Fix xls reading of sheet object colours.
    • Export line and textbox colouring and widths. [Part of Bug 597035].

Goffice 0.7.14 aka "TBD" is now available.

  • Bruce Cowan
  • Jean
    • Fix unicolor gradient brightness.
    • Fix custom point marker in scatter plots. [Bug 596585].
    • Fixed various issues related to image filling.
  • Peter Jaeckel
    • Extensions for XLL support in Gnumeric. [Bug 597849].