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Mar 2015 Gnumeric 1.12.21

Gnumeric 1.12.21 is out. Get it from here!

Feb 2015 Gnumeric 1.12.20

Gnumeric 1.12.20 is out. Get it from here!

Jan 2015 Gnumeric 1.12.19

Gnumeric 1.12.19 is out. Get it from here!

Sep 2014 Gnumeric 1.12.18

Gnumeric 1.12.18 is out. Get it from here!

Aug 2014 Discontinuing Windows Builds

Effectively immediately we have stopped releasing and distributing binaries for Windows. There are too many crashes that have all the signs of being from Gtk+ and lower parts of the stack. We do not have the means and time to debug Gtk+. Volunteers are welcome to take up the effort.