Gnumeric 1.12.21 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.12.21. This release requires the concurrently released libgsf 1.14.32 and goffice 0.10.21.

Noteworthy news in this release:

  • ODS import/export fixes
  • XLSX import/export fixes

Details of changes by contributor:

  • Andreas
    • ODF import/export general plot data specifications. [Bug 743818].
    • ODF import/export the z-index for line objects.
    • Fix ODF import of stroke colours of sheet objects.
    • Fix ODF import/export of fill colour and type. [Bug 744051].
    • Fix ODF import/export of marker fill and outline colours.
    • Improve ODF export of manually positioned charts in multi-chart graphs. [Bug 743789].
    • Fix ODF export of serieslines styles.
    • Fix ODF import/export of axes label visibility. [Bug 743788].
    • ODF import/export additional axislines.
    • Fix ODF import/export of fonts in charts. [Bug 744632].
    • ODF import/export additional axes. [Bug 743787].
    • Fix ODF style import of secondary plots. [Bug 744930].
    • Fix ODF style export for data points in plots. [Bug 745091].
  • Morten
    • Implement xlsx import of sheet widgets.
    • Implement xlsx export of sheet widgets.
    • Fix xlsx import/export of patterns.
    • Plug leaks.
    • Arrow properties editor. [Bug 158327].
    • Fix xlsx export of line style None.
    • Fix search-and-replace problem with text format.
    • Fix xlsx import/export of gradients.
    • Fix undo problems with scrollbars.
    • Fix spinner properties dialog.
    • SheetObjectImage fixes.
    • Fix problem reading images from xls.
    • Namespace fixes.
    • Test suite improvements.
    • Fix various dtd version problems.

goffice 0.10.21 aka "TBD" is now available.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of goffice version 0.10.21.

Details of changes by contributor:

  • Jean
    • Ignore invalid values while checking data order. [Bug 744200].
    • Ensure that GOPixbuf keeps the original data around. [Bug 745297].
    • Fix sheet objects rendering, including widgets. [Bug 744076].
  • Morten
    • Fix problem with linear solver.
    • Add arrow selector widget.
    • Fix rendering of dotted lines. [Bug 744419].
    • Activate font part of graph theming.
    • Plug leaks.
    • Add tooltips to gradient selector.
    • Add tooltips to pattern selector.
    • GOImage fixes.